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We worked long and hard for during last years, to create great solutions for our customers and partners. Looking at own achievements from the top of the experience, we continue to move forward. To the stars...

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Here's a little about what we're up to.

Main directions - retail video analytics, service quality scoring, public events supporting and etc. We are self-growth startup: 3+ years of specialised experience, 2+ years of current activity, 100+ of satisfied customers, local and foreign partners.

Our professionals take part in all stages of the product life cycle. From idea to completion, with software and hardware, in marketing and design, by day and night.

Everyday we work on creations of new products and improvement of projects created before. We have a lot of things, which we want to share with you by new web site.
Wait a little... It will be awesome ;)


Get in touch.

Email: info@cifr.us
Phone: 067 504 5625

Adnriya Malushko, 1
Kyiv, Ukraine